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    Your Success is Our Goal is the best digital store for artists of all genres to find instrumentals of their choice. From hip hop and rap beats to r&b beats, pop instrumentals, EDM, and even orchestral music for movie scores. We have it all.

    The music is designed with the artist in mind, and mixed down with the intention to leave room for the vocals in the mix.

    Keeping an ear to the street, we understand what is popular and what could be the next trend, however we strive to be innovative and have to most original beats. This means your finished songs will stand out from the rest of the artists trying to make it in this overcrowded field.

    After all, originality is key to success in the music industry, so why not be as original as possible with our instrumentals while at the same time maintain the popular sound. I never understood artists that try to sound like someone else. Unless you are bringing something new to the table, and are truly doing it better, why would someone listen to you, when they could just listen to the original artist that created that style?

    The love and talent for song writing is another quality that separates iBeatsItup productions from the rest. We write lyrics for all genres of music and understand the process; hence we are able to make the best beats with the writer in mind.

    All of our rap beats, hip hop instrumentals, and pop beats are made with high quality sounds and undergo a rigorous mix down and mastering process to ensure you are getting studio quality sound which is good enough for iTunes uploads as well as radio play. The high quality production also means that your mix is going to sound much more professional, which is incredibly important when trying to succeed in the music industry.